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This is a "internet start-up" with their only intention of ripping off developers who work for them.It's run by Darren Copely and funded by his mommy and daddy.

He is a horrible person, a liar, and a theif. I worked for hem until Daren made physical threats of vioilence. Come to find out I was the third company that left him due to threats of violence. Stay away from this guy, Daren Copely.

He is beyond crazy. His mother Brenda Copely is equally crazy.

They are tyrants and have angered many people in the industry.Just ask around and you will find out how dangerous these people really are.

Review about: Website Design.



this is a false claim against mr copely.if Mr.

Copely wants to report this for a subpoena, he can with this link:

This will crack down on the slanderous comments.

if anyone knows this kid 'sean mccart' who posted this. please report him. this is slander against a well known orlando business man.

good luck mr copely.this kid seems like skum.


lol this guy seems like a baby.waaaa cry me a river kid.

you are butt hurt cause you dropped out of his projects.

get over it and get a should pray mr copely doesnt sue you for slander.


wow this is a BS post.Daren and his companies are doing well.

I just finished a coding job with them and posts like these *** me off. Daren is an honest biz owner. get the *** off the net with these bs comments.

and sean, we looked you up, you were fired by them.please do not spread horrible rumors.


Yup confirmed: google 'sean mccart + mugshot'. he did go to jail lol

Jesus, i almost worked with this kid last year lol. thanks for the heads up!

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This post is ***.We have worked with Daren Copely and his College Press company this past year and they were amazing!

This user, 'sean mccart was recently arrested for stealing money from another company as he did with mr.

Copely's startup.

google 'sean mccart + mugshot' and youll see his face.a bad guy.


we have actually worked with daren copely before and he was amazing!this post is obviously from someone who has a personal beef with mr copely.

he has belped our company make over 2 million dollars in ad rev in the past 3 years.

please stop posting these and get a job.thanks.

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You worked for "hem"? So not only do you steal your clients money and not produce...

But you are a spelling champion.Lol.


Thief?I heard through the design grapevine that you stole his money and gave him *** website.

Lightmaker teach you that style?

Lol.*** brits lol


Lol Sean is into black guys!


Lol.You should watch what you say kid.

Seems you already have a lawsuit coming to you for screwing those people.Haha


lol we all heard about your company sean.what was it?

big belly FLOP?

god knows if you ran off with my money like that, you would have serious legal probs.You are lucky those guys didnt take you to court and take all your warcraft money haha


Lol you are all over over this website crying about these guys.Why?

They make you cry kid? They have the largest video on youtube right now and have the best in the biz designers working on their site.

Lol just cause you couldnt *** it as their designer doesnt mean you should cry about it on website noob.pick yourself up, know you messed up and move on faag


lol sounds like someones lil pussie hurts haha.What happened they make you cry when you tried to code something dude?

We have all seen your info on this website and know you are a *** designer. Go learn to cook a burger or make a taco bell taco bro. Your career is over haha.

Looks like those college press guys are doing just fine with their new designers.Lounge lizard is the best in the biz and they are capping off their design with them.

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